Jukra had the opportunity to strategize a cohesive brand renewal for two distinct events. Our challenge was to maintain their individual identities while creating a harmonious overall appearance.

Beyond the brand revamp, our project encompassed crafting illustrations, animations for social media marketing, and designing all digital and print materials for the 2023 event, ensuring a professional and unified presentation.

Designing the look

Events previously held at different times will be organized together in the same space in the future. Therefore, combining previously separate brands was a natural solution. The project started with updating logos and visual elements. A common design language was formed when we discussed the goals of the events and the desired atmosphere.

Brand colours

Purple was chosen as the body colour of the look, which has the task of carrying the lighter colours of the look in an orderly manner. Turquoise and lavender help to bring an energetic feeling to an otherwise very warm color scheme.

Kuvassa näkyy ote Jukran suunnittelemasta videosta Ruisrockin instagram-profiiliin. Kuvassa on innokasta yleisöä rantalavan edessä.
Origin story of Hippu the mascot

During the implementation phase of the new look, we started planning for newsletters and poster campaigns. Brief was to design an eye catching poster that would inform about the dates, but present the new branding as well.

The idea of ​​a character that expresses excitement about the delicious event was born. A relatable character that would stand out from other posters more easily. Especially for children and families.

The character was liked so much that in March a public vote was published to name a new mascot. The winner of the vote, Hippu (Nugget), is a delicious name and goes well with ice cream, chocolate and coffee.

Carnivals website simplified map. Home page, the events' own exhibitor listing pages and common info pages.

Website design and development

Until now, both events had separate websites. Since the events are organized annually in the same place and at the same time, a large part of the content of the sites is also identical to each other.

In order to make communication easier, it was decided to combine the sites. From the common home page, you can navigate directly to common information pages. Event-specific partner and exhibitor information is presented on the events' own home pages.

See the website
Animations, signage and other printed products

All kinds of digital and printed products are always needed at events. Signs, clothes, wristbands, passports, brochures, etc. These are of great importance in creating the atmosphere on site.

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