Visitor tracking

Website Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on a visitor's computer to track website usage. Our site uses some cookies essential for technical functionality, regardless of browser settings. These cookies are solely used for critical site operations. Visitors can manage non-essential cookies in their browser settings. Blocking cookies may impact the user experience but won't affect site functionality. These cookies include visitor tracking, quality monitoring, and session cookies.

On-site cookies

Cookies valid during the visit to the website improve the user experience on the site, and they can be enabled or disabled in the browser's cookie settings. Such cookies include a date that is valid for the duration of the visit to the site. The visitor identifier cookie and the information about allowing cookies are valid for one week.

Visitor tracking cookies 

Tracking gathers general information about website usage, essential for our site's quality monitoring and development. This data includes loaded pages, their timestamps, as well as web browser and operating system details. Visitor IP addresses are collected but are immediately anonymized by the service provider for analytics purposes.

Visitors can choose to allow or block visitor tracking cookies in their browser settings. If cookies are blocked, tracking will only store session data, and cookies will expire at the end of the visit. Allowed cookies in cookie settings are valid for up to three years. Tracking data is not shared with third parties.

Instructions for other services

The links to social media services on our website do not transmit information about the browser to these service providers if the links are not followed. Information about the privacy statements of each service can be obtained from the cookies of social media services.