Paper dolls and shadow play

Maiju sought a streamlined website that could be easily managed for swift updates. The primary focus was on ensuring her songs, videos, and live performances were prominently featured and easily editable.

This project also sparked discussions about enhancing Maiju's overall brand visuals. We explored the concept of a comprehensive visual overhaul, encompassing her website, new releases, and associated social media posts, all designed to create a cohesive and engaging online presence.

Our goal was to strike a harmonious balance between simplicity and visual impact to resonate with Maiju's audience effectively.

Maiju Lehti - Singer and songwriter

The ultimate task for this project evolved into crafting a comprehensive visual identity, which encompassed the creation of a logo, website design, digital imagery, and animations tailored for platforms like Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Our mission extended to the development of promotional animations in anticipation of the release of the "Tavallinen Sunnuntai" single, invigorating Maiju's Facebook and Instagram profiles. Additionally, we extended our efforts to design both digital and print materials for her EP release.

This holistic approach aimed to provide Maiju with a consistent and engaging visual presence across various channels, ensuring a professional and captivating representation of her artistry.

Jukra was granted creative freedom in shaping the visual identity and website for this project. During our discussions, the idea of drawing inspiration from the ambiance of the film "Amélie" gained prominence. Throughout the process, we not only immersed ourselves in Maiju's existing body of work but also delved into the unmastered versions of her upcoming releases. Countless hours were dedicated to perfecting these compositions.

In terms of the color palette, we aimed to capture the essence of a 1960s jazz record, while the graphic elements drew inspiration from Finnish wooden neighborhoods. Our design language was particularly influenced by paper puppet theaters and shadow play, which lent a distinctive and captivating aesthetic.

Our collaboration with photographer Tuukka Lindholm played a pivotal role in the project. He provided the cover images for the EP, aiming to evoke the atmosphere of a serene summer evening picnic. The warmth and tranquil mood of the photos were meticulously crafted to transport the listener to the ideal state of mind while enjoying the music.

This collaborative effort was an essential part of creating a harmonious and engaging visual and auditory experience.

An animation was crafted to reflect the mood of the song. Initially intended as a placeholder for a future music video, this version was ultimately retained as well.
We created an opening animation for the final music video, featuring a bird taking flight from atop Maiju's name. The music video was captured by Tuukka Lindholm and co-directed by Tuukka Lindholm and Anniina Leppänen.
Amidst the rustling of the wind through the forest, a bird gently descends, seeking nourishment amidst the undergrowth.
Maiju shared that she composed this song in her student apartment at Kamppi, as night transitioned into morning. In that serene moment, the silhouettes of the apartment buildings etched against the sunrise, and birds gracefully soared in the sky. The description of the scene was so evocative that the visual representation seemed to materialize effortlessly.