From Clarity to Brand Transformation

Simplified overview of our process below


Project definition

Jukra - Budjetti


Together, we will explore your company's current and future goals. We can also review our standard proposal and schedule a meeting to clarify the project's boundaries.

Jukra - Liikevaihto

Scope definition

Following our familiarization, we forge a framework encompassing project scope, timeline, and financial considerations. The proposal is then dispatched via email in PDF format.

Jukra - Tonnin seteli

Acceptance of the agreement

Once we have reached an agreement on the scope, we draft the proposal and send it for your signature.



Jukra - Vision

Project initiation

Once the agreement is signed, we kindly request that you provide the necessary materials, like text, images and/or video content for the project.

Jukra - Analysis


Prior to construction, we go through the following aspects:

  • The current situation of your brand: voice, vision, colors, etc.
  • The website's info hierarchy and customer path
  • Analyzing the things that you like or don't like
  • Addressing your worries and problematic areas
  • Creative session regarding the visual aspects of the website
Jukra - Content marketing

Content creation

When necessary, we also craft content for individual pages while ensuring search engine optimization (SEO) to maintain the pages' alignment with the goals. It is crucial that we have real content ready for the next phase.

Jukra - Website

Sitemap and wireframe

We immerse ourselves in the website's architecture. At this stage, we establish the structures for organizing content.



Jukra - Visual identity

Visual elements

Once we have a clear understanding of the website's architecture and content, we can start shaping its visual identity. Depending on the circumstances, your brand's appearance may be well-established, or you might be considering a brand makeover.

Jukra - Development


Up to this point, we have come to a consensus on the information hierarchy and its visual portrayal. Now, it's time to construct the website according to the agreed-upon design.

Jukra - Publication


Once we've made sure your site is running smoothly, it's time to get ready to go live! This phase includes both planning the timing of the launch and outlining the communication strategies - that is, determining when and how we will announce the site to the world. After that we can celebrate!

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